RED ROCK CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE High School mentor- Delta & Millard High in DELTA, Utah

Job requirements Between 20 and 30 years old. Graduate from high school. Must be able to pass a background check. Must have had a physical or learning disability while in school. Must be able to speak clearly. Has to be living a life that would be a good example to their students; working, schooling-training. Has to able to learn and teach clearly. The pay rate is $10.00 an hour, which plus any preparation time.Will also receive mileage if necessary.The Red Rock Center pays the peer mentor salary and supplies their manual.Purpose for the program is to empower people with disabilities in southwestern Utah to live independently through education.This project will ensure that youth with disabilities receive targeted instruction; using evidence based teaching strategies of self-determination and empowerment.Prepare students to set goals and make sound decisions as they transition out of high school and into adulthood.