Primary Customers: Nursing Assistant Instructor, Faculty, UBTech Students, and Community Supervision Exercised: None Reports To: Nursing Assistant Instructor Job Focus: Under close supervision, assists an instructor-teacher with providing comprehensive functional training and-or program to consumers-students. Prepares instructional materials and maintains order and cleanliness in the learning environment. Generally assist instructor by correcting students assignments, answering basic student questions, demonstrating basic program skills, preparing curriculum as directed and recording student progress data. Instructor Assistants may serve on committees. UBTech Guiding Principles for Employee : As an UBTech professional I will: · Be an ambassador of UBTech. · Build unity. · Seek opportunity & embrace change. · Act with professionalism. Minimum Qualifications : 1. Current Utah Nursing Assistant Certificate 2. Proficient in Word Processing, Outlook, Excel 3. Demonstrated ability to maintain excellent customer relations 4. Must successfully pass criminal background check 5. Valid driver's license Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required : 1. Ability to communicate professionally and effectively, both orally and in writing 2. Ability to work with diverse stakeholders; including educators, employers and community 3. Ability to understand and respond to the dynamics of a complex, multi-faceted environment 4. Possess organizational skills to effectively facilitate the day to day operations 5. Ability to prioritize multiple projects and self-motivated 6. Ability to work independently and in a team environment. Must be able to adapt and work effectively under pressure 7. Possess reading and writing skills for the development and dissemination of various correspondence 8. Ability to communicate to the public in a positive manner 9. Ability to provide excellent Customer Service Responsibilities and Tasks : 1. Assist instructor in maintaining a safe and effective learning environment 2. Assist with instruction as needed 3. Provide appropriate, functional technical skill demonstrations for assigned students 4. Assist students with meeting and maintaining curriculum competencies 5. Complete and record student progress 6. Supervise computer based testing 7. Obtain and prepare instructional materials an