University of Utah Graduate-Residency Academic Program Supp in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

This position assists current students and applicants in completing the application processes for admission to graduate studies. The employee will work with the ApplyYourself online application to evaluate the academic record for applicants and prepare a worksheet listing an overall undergraduate weighted mean GPA. When the undergraduate overall GPA is below 3.00 or B average, the employee will also calculate a last two years GPA on the undergraduate courses. This employee completes the admissions process once academic departments submit the graduate student referral form with a recommendation for admission status. Prepares, verifies and enters data into computerized information systems. In addition, this position is responsible for advising and assisting University students with the application process for residency reclassification. This will involve understanding and following applicable Utah state residency law and Board of Regents policy. The employee will evaluate the residency reclassification application and the supporting documentation to determine if the student qualifies for residency reclassification, which allows the student the ability to pay in-state tuition rates. The employee will be responsible to advise students on how to navigate through the application process and meet appropriate deadlines. The employee will be responsible to assist clients at our service window as well as on the telephone and via email.