Purpose: A Fence Foreman will be responsible for directing a small group of laborers (3-4) in the field for right of way purposes. Job Responsibilities: 1. Works closely with the Superintendent to understand all aspects of the project, issues and time frames. 2. Will supervise a team to complete specific fencing jobs (all types) providing directions to workers on the order of tasks to be performed. 3. Plan daily tasks and work schedules so that conflicts do not occur. 4. Inspect work performed by employees and provide constructive feedback. 5. Will be responsible for all equipment and materials, including items such as a work truck and skid steer. 6. Constant communication with the Superintendent to monitor progress. 7. Must track and maintain the inventory of supplies and materials to guard ensure that vital materials are ordered and delivered in a timely manner to meet production schedule. 8. Provide necessary input in project planning as requested. 9. Responsible for communicating site rules regarding safety procedures and enforcing those rules. 10. Will be responsible for training for new hires. 11. Responsible for tracking employees' hours and approving time cards for payroll. 12. Prepare the work schedule and approve time off requested by laborers. 13. Other duties as assigned and needed.