LOVE LESS ASH COMPANY Accounts Receivable Manager in PRICE, Utah

Job Description: The AR Manager is responsible for properly invoicing customers, collection of amounts due from customers and maintaining solid customer relationships with customers while ensuring the Company's interest and policies are maintained and contractual obligations met. He or she shall work with any and all personnel to assure timely and accurate invoicing and pricing occurs for specific customers. The AR Manager is also responsible for the calculation and payment of the various commission structures of the Company. The AR Manager has to act as the Company's liaison between the customers and our sales team, making sure the Company's policies are enforced while still providing high level of customer satisfaction. The AR Manager is responsible to make sure all monies collected are applied to customer accounts accurately and timely so that the Company's cash position is maintained. Responsibilities: · Ensure timely collection of monies due the Company. · Monitor and report on deviations from credit standards. · Ensure timely and accurate invoicing. · Manage cash application making sure all cash receipts are applied properly · Assure that the companies standard template regarding invoice sample is in place for every customer · Assist in conducting credit checks on all customer to ensure credit worthiness and help to establish and manage credit limits. · Make recommendations to improve quality of invoicing and collection procedures. · Develop and maintain accurate records showing outstanding amounts due, payments made and where payments have been applied. · Understanding of commission policies and providing detailed reports for commission payments to our various levels of sales personnel. · Ability to see potential problems with customers and ability to take appropriate action to ensure collection is made and Company's cash flow maintained. · Provide accurate and timely reports as needed. · Other duties as assigned. Qualifications: · An understanding of credit and collections and the laws associated with collection of debt. · Superior spreadsheets skills and a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel. · Extremely detail oriented to be able to maintain and understand various pricing levels. · Ability to work with others with diverse backgrounds and cross functionality. · Knowledge of accounting practices regarding accounts receivable and familiarity with accounting software. · Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must. · Knowledge and understanding of D&B type of reports, showing credit worthiness of potential customers. Critical thinking, and the ability to recognize trends regarding customer behavior and